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  • IPS Testimonials

IPS Testimonials

Real people, real success stories

I have worked with Elie Mougel & IPS for over 7 years now. There are never any surprises and my net return is a real net return. I’ve been very happy with my experience and continue to reinvest in the Phoenix, AZ market and send referrals to IPS.

Rodney N, Northern Territory

“At first when I was informed about IPS and the prospects of investing in the US, I wasn’t sure but after meeting Benjamin and understanding more, I decided to go ahead with the investment. But what followed was the probably the best part, the level of professionalism and efficiency the IPS team work at is commendable. The process is simple, straightforward & transparent which I believe is what any potential investor looks at – needless to say the returns are great!”

R.N, Qatar

It can be very daunting to invest offshore, I know it was for me, Elie Mougel and IPS guided me through the whole process and made it very clear and smooth to invest into the US property market. I have been making over 10% net returns for a couple years now. I’m very happy with their reactivity and knowledge of the US property market.

Joanna P, New South Wales

“I was extremely happy with IPS as they took care of all USA set up requirements and regulatory approvals. They also established my Wells Fargo Bank Account so I can receive my rental payments. All this was done seamlessly.

All in all I’m very happy with the regular income I receive and also very pleased with the potential capital growth opportunities that Phoenix, Arizona provides. I am happy to pursue further purchases with IPS and build my USA property portfolio progressively. I am confident in the IPS Management both In Phoenix and Australia which makes further investment a rather simple process.”

Richard S, Australia